The Ultimate Self-Storage Underwriting Model


Self-Storage Acquisition Valuation Excel Model

I created this model out of necessity and frustration from not being able to find an excel model that was specifically created for self-storage valuation. With this model, you can easily model out the perfect business plan, and project occupancy, income, expenses, cash flow, and investor’s returns for up to 10 years. This is a one-stop-shop for underwriting Self-Storage deals. Zero in on your business plan, make more offers, close more deals.

Features Include:

  • One input tab
  • Easily model out occupancy, rent increases, expenses, and debt structures
  • 10-year proforma projections with month-to-month toggle view
  • customizable equity waterfall
  • Premium Support
  • And More!


Created to be simple and effective, The Ultimate Self-Storage Underwriting model can be used to quickly analyze and evaluate returns and deal structures, or you can get deep in the nitty-gritty and model out refinances different class investor returns. You name it, and this model was created to do it in a clear concise way.

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