Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is not just based on buying good assets, but buying them well. Our objective is to stay ahead of the game as markets and economic conditions change by selecting the most effective, stable, and resilient investments. 

Alpine's Investment Focus

Economies of scale come into play with commercial and multi-family real estate, especially when it comes to improving property values by increasing revenue. Since commercial assets are valued on income, it’s easy to increase a property’s value by increasing the bottom line. For example: filling vacancies, increasing rents, billing back utilities and more. Every $1 spent in capital improvement or saved on expenses can create $100’s in return!


Real estate investing is a team sport. Finding the best investments can be a difficult and time consuming. Many investors either don’t have the time, skills, knowledge, experience, connections, or resources to pull together the right deals, in the right markets at the right price. We provide investors opportunities to place their capital and leverage our skillset, and experience to build or expand financial freedom & generational wealth.

Behind Alpine CRE

Nolan Freeland

Born in Asheville, NC, Nolan Freeland is an investor, real estate entrepreneur, and car enthusiast. He purchased his first multi-family property at the age of 19 through creative financing. Over the last 5 years, he has since been part of 100’s of real estate transactions, managed over 20 multi-unit properties.

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