Our Investment Strategy

We locate and reposition underperforming properties by rebranding, eliminating operational inefficiencies, and renovations. This process creates forced appreciation by raising the Net Operating Income (NOI) and increasing the property’s value. For our investors, this results in an asset that promptly increases in value while also producing monthly cash flow and provides beneficial tax advantages.

Investment Criteria

Mobile Home Parks

We look for areas with a minimum population of 100K and a median home price of $100K, which demonstrates a need for affordable housing.

Minimum of 40 spaces, paved roads, a low number of park owned homes, and public utilities.

We look for parks that we can increase rents, infill lots, sell new homes, and bill back utilities.


We focus on assets located with exposure to 20,000+ daily traffic in areas with a growing or stable population. 

Minimum of 100 units, both climate and non climate controlled.

We look for assets that we can increase rents, fill vacancies, provide additional services, and add new amenities.


Alpine concentrates on major metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s), Such as Greenville, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Nashville which show historical and projected rent growth, low vacancy, and a growing Real GDP.

Alpine looks to acquire Class B properties built between 1980 and 2010 with pitched roofs and separate entrances.

Alpine focuses on properties that can be improved through operational efficiencies, moderate-to-extensive renovations and complete rebranding.

Passive Investment Opportunities

Our Investment partners are offered the opportunity to passively partner on multifamily investment properties that yield monthly income without the hassles and headaches of day to day management and operations. The team behind Alpine has the background and know-how to analyze potential investments thoroughly.

Our Specialization

Market Evaluation

Leveraging our network and our strategies to locate off-market deals, we find desirable properties that match our specific criteria.

Risk Assessment

One of the most challenging aspects of investing. We work diligently to recognize and mitigate risk in our investments.

Deal Structuring

An art form in its own right. From price, terms, debt, and equity, there's always a creative approach to any obstacle between us and a deal.

Value Improvement

Executing on proven strategies, we work with our asset and property managers to implement our business plan to increase the Net Operating Income and force appreciation.

Evaluation And Due Diligence

We perform analytical and strict due diligence–creating a conservative analysis to develop a focused business plan to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Asset Management

Applying decentralized command to systematically govern each asset's day-to-day operations to ensure proper & prosperous performance.